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Need For Speed II - Second Edition Patch

Need For Speed II is my first ever played racing game on the PC. I remember this time, that I and my school friend came to his home after school and we played whole evening this game in Split screen mode. A few years later I found out that Second Edition game has 3D acceleration support for Voodoo Graphics cards, and I could play it via Glide emulation with pure performance. So I decided that once I'll made direct OpenGL or DirectX support for this game.

So here is my old patch, which enables game to support external 3rash API renderers from newer EA games, like NFS III,IV or V. It is not completely finished yet, but despite that this patch is most playable than any others over the net.

This patch was created in the same manner as other great Need For Speed III - Modern Patch from belarusian guy VEG. Patch includes several patched EA Thrash (3rash) renderers for DirectX and Glide (nGlide). Also it includes my own created OpenGL 1.1/3.0 renderer.
This patch also includes configu…

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