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Cossacks II / Alexander the Great / Heroes of Annihilated Empires (Direct3D Patch)

This small patch fixes problem with game launching on new Windows OSs (8/8.1/10), and allows play game in windowed mode.

Fixes & features:Propper launching on Windows 8/8.1/10Added windowed mode. Games can easily switches between windowed and fullscreen modes now Supported games:Alexander the Great Cossacks II Napoleonic WarsBattle for EuropeHeroes of Annihilated Empires Installation:Download archive belowExtract its content into game's Data folder, near main engine.exe fileLaunch your gameHave fun ;) Downloads:Cossacks2D3D_1.02.7z - 9 KBBecome a Patron!Note: Be sure to close all benchmark tools like MSI Afterburner. These games wont work with them, especially with MSI Afterburner.
Note: This patch does not remove any CD protections like StarForce, and it doest't fix problems with StarForce on newers OS, e.g. Windows Vista+. If you have such problems, download DRM free version of engine.exe file

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