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Disciples I & II (GL Wrapper & Patch)

This patch/wrapper redirect legacy DirectDraw graphics into OpenGL and allows play games on modern PC with Windows 10. Added proper windowed mode and several upscale filters for better gaming on modern screens.Fixes & features:Games render via OpenGLGames can now easily minimize on new OSGames can now easily switch into windowed/fullscreen modeAdded several upscaling filters (ScaleNx, Super Eagle, Sal, ScaleHq and xBRz)Added game speed selection. Game can run faster now, up to 3xAt the end of the player's day, NCP think faster due to multithreadingDisciples II: 32bpp rendering for GOG, Steam, CDProjekt and Russobit-M releasesDisciples II: Added selection of any resolutions (4x3, 16x10, 16x9 ...) up to 4-8K for GOG, Steam, CDProjekt and Russobit-M releasesSupported games and versions:Disciples I: Sacred LandsDisciples II: Dark Prophecy Disciples II: Gallean's Return Disciples II: Guardians of the LightDisciples II: Servants of the DarkDisciples II: Rise of t…

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