Freelancer - Windows 8/8.1/10 fix

If you have a problem with Freelancer game under Windows 8+ and your game can't launch under your OS, so you on right way

Freelancer is a old game, and was developed for Windows 98/XP, in time when Microsoft actively promoted it's DirectX system with direct access services like DirectSound, DirectPlay, DirectInput and etc. But from Windows Vista most abilities of these services was removed.

Freelancer uses SafeDisk copy protection, but under newest OS it can't be used, so first of all you need find no-cd for main executable file. For example, you can find it here.

But game also requires DirectPlay system for multiplayer game. In Windows 8+ DirectPlay was removed and game crashes when it tries log that DirectPlay is unavailable.

You can use next pach, wich fix crashes on launch. This patch doesn't remove DirectPlay from game, it just fixes game if DirectPlay is unavailable. Just download and extract content into <game>\EXE\ folder


P. S. You can also install legacy DirectPlay for multiplayer by:
Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows featres on or off -> Legacy Components -> Direct Play

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