Cossacks / American Conquest (GL Wrapper & Patch)

This path/wrapper redirects legacy DirectDraw calls into OpenGL 1.1/3.0 which allows run and play GSC games on modern PC

Supported games:

  • Cossacks: European Wars
  • Cossacks: The Art Of War
  • Cossacks: Back to War
  • American Conquest
  • American Conquest: Fight Back
  • American Conquest: Divided Nation

Fixes & features:

  • Games render via OpenGL 1.1/3.0. If your GPU supports OpenGL 3.0 - games use it. If no - games use OpenGL 1.1
  • Games can now easily minimize on new OS
  • Fixed problem with 1024x768x8 display mode
  • Implemented feature to run and switch game into windowed mode

Key combinations:

  • Alt+Enter or F11 - Windowed/Fullscreen mode
  • F - On/Off FPS counter


  • Download archive
  • Extract it into you game root
  • Have fun ;)



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