Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen (GL Wrapper & Patch)

This path redirects legacy DirectDraw graphics into OpenGL 1.1/3.0 and allow play game on modern PC under Windows 10. Numerious problems have been fixed and several PS1 features have been restored

Fixes & features:

  • Game runs on modern PC (Windows 10)
  • Game renders via OpenGL 1.1/3.0. If your GPU supports OpenGL 3.0 - game uses it. If no - game uses OpenGL 1.1
  • Removed CD check and game can run now without CD. (see "Installation" section)
  • Removed system restriction for 4 languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai)
  • When switching display modes (F12), the game does not crash now
  • When switching display into "Eagle Eye" (F6), the game does not crash now
  • Camera zoom is working now, not only for 320x240 mode (like on PS1), but for 640x480 too
  • Camera can follow by Kain movement like in PS1 version
  • Added feature to run and switch game into windowed mode
  • Added feature to switch on/off filtering
  • Corrected rendering speed for Nosgoth map and Kain's inventory menu
  • Added option to select game rendering speed / frame per second (FPS)
  • Added configuration window on startup, similar to Soul Reaver
  • Added FPS counter
  • Implemented subtitles engine
  • Implemented 3D sounds via OpenAL
  • Implemented XInput support with gamepad vibrations
  • Arrows keys are duplicated on WSAD keys
  • Intro movies and cutscenes are now played in progressive mode
  • Cutscenes and flights movies are encoded with better quality
  • Game can play stereo sound files for cutscenes
  • Added modified installer from original CD, which help you install game from CD on modern PC together with this pach


Key combinations:

  • Alt+Enter - Windowed/Fullscreen mode
  • Alt+I - On/Off FPS counter
  • Alt+F - On/Off image filtering


If game is already installed
  • download and extract archive into installed game folder
  • launch KAIN.EXE
  • have fun ;)
If game is not installed
  • download and extract archive
  • insert your PC game disk into CD/DVD-ROM (or cd image drive)
  • launch SETUP.EXE from extracted archive
  • select installation type (minimal without HQ cuscenes)
  • follow installer instruction until completion
  • launch KAIN.EXE
  • have fun ;)


Patch only
KainGL_1.50.7z - 37 KB

Patch + Languages (voices & subs) + HQ Cutscenes + Installer
English version German version French version Japan version Spanish version (www.legacyofkain.es) Brazilian Portuguese version Russian version (Vector/Megera/Kudos/Golden Leon) Italian version Hungarian version
 - 1.56 GB

Legacy Of Kain Install

Patch only (in case if you have startup problems together with nVidia video card)
KainGL_1.40.7z - 28 KB

Note: This package does not contain game itself. It's large because it has HQ cutscenes and several languages files. To install this package and game, you still need to have original CD image mounted into your CD image drive.


  1. Thanks for your work!

    But i'm getting no video. Not cutscenes, not ingame... installed as instructions.

    1. Perhaps it'll help. While you installing game you have choice to select type of installation
      - Full Installation - in this case patch copy movie files into game folder "\\kain\" , then it will use it
      - Minimal - in this case patch doesn't copy new movie files and to play game you need have inserted disc to play original files from CD.

      Please, try both methods

  2. Great work!
    Thank you very much.
    Works perfectly, now i can enjoy LoK with subtitles

  3. Olá sou Victor estou usando o notepad c++ para traduzir o game para Portugues do Brazil e gostaria de modificar algumas coisas nesse game. Voce poderia me falar algum programas para modificar os menus,musicas e etc ?

    1. Hi. If you want make translation to your language or corrent subtitles - write me to my email verokster(at)gmail.com

  4. hola, soy felix y he instalado el patch, el problema es cuando inicio el juego este me funciona entre 10 y 15 fps, lo que lo hace injugable.

    tienen conocimiento del porque puede ocurrir eso??, y como podria solucionarlo??

    1. Did you change "Frame rate" option? What its value? If it's still about 60FPS, as default - try uncheck "vSync" option

  5. After applying the patch I am having an issue where after any cutscene finishes playing the screen goes black but I can tell the game is still running.

    1. Hm, strange. In what language do you play? Also, if "3D sound" option is available for you, try to disable it.

    2. I am playing in English. 3D sound is unavailable in the launch menu.

    3. Thank for reply. I re-checked game, I didn't notice such probem, maybe later I'll try to find it again

    4. Update, I found that tabbing in and out of the game brings the video back. Thank you for your replies and for the patch.

    5. You too. Your advice will be helpful for other players with the same problem

  6. Is there any way to install this patch without the disc or iso, if I already have the game installed?

    1. Yes. Download and extract package/archive into installed game folder

  7. I installed the game from the original CD using CubanRaul's KainSetup.exe, and then copied the contents of KainGL_1.37_Installer_MULTI9 into the installation directory. However, I'm only getting ~20fps max. on a GTX 970. Tried with and without Vsync and fps is set to 60 when starting the game. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I'm not familiar with CubanRaul's installer/patch. Try re-install game without it

    2. Done. It's actually worse now, lol. I had to set Windows 98 compatibility mode for KAIN.exe, by the way, because Windows was giving me an error about the executable not being a valid windows 32 or 64 bit program. The video is below:


    3. Correction: It says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)" if I try to start it without compatibility mode.

    4. Hm, strange thing. Could you please make screenshot with this error?
      Perhaps there is some other hidden compability. Try to rename KAIN.EXE to something else, and check it again.
      Or, you also can check and delete all hidden compability modes via my simple tool
      Run it as "Administrator" and select your KAIN.EXE, and it will show you all compability modes and fixes for this EXE. Then remove them all and restart your game.

    5. https://imgur.com/a/uJMSmzP

      1st image is the 1st error that comes up when I try to start it without compatibility mode. And right after I click on Close the program, the 2nd error comes up, which is the 2nd image.

      Also, your google drive link is giving me Error 404 - Not Found.

    6. I should add: When the game is open, the first core of my CPU goes up to 100% load and stays there until I close the game. Maybe that's the bottleneck? Is there anything we can do to fix that? CPU is Intel i5 4670k.

    7. Thanks for images. Yes I missed one character in url.Here is correct one

    8. https://imgur.com/a/fIZ5Y84

      1st image is when no compatibility mode is set on the executable, the 2nd one is when Win98 compatibility mode is set on the executable.

    9. Thanks for screenshots. I even dont't know what it can be. Maybe later I'll find similar issue on my machine.

    10. I think I fixed it. I'm gonna write here in case someone else encounters the same problem. The bottleneck was the CPU like I thought.

      Normally, the executable runs on a single core, which fully maxes the core at 100% load and limits fps at 20, at least in my case. When I set the affinity to all 4 cores using Task Manager, fps immediately shot up to 60. Hopefully this doesn't cause other problems later on, but everything looks okay for now.

      This single-core thing can be related to me having to run the executable in Win98 compatibility mode, but since I cannot actually run the game without that mode, I don't really have any other options.

      Last but not least, thanks for the patch! (:

  8. I'm literally using an ancient D&D side account just to comment that this is amazing. I had given up hope before trying to get this to run on windows 10, and just grabbed my ps1 copy and shoved that in an emulator. The results are less than optimal, slowdowns, blurry game, so on no matter what I tried. Still it beat my windows efforts. Those had no cutscene videos. The game is not good at all without the story.

    Then this came up and now I am streaming it. I didn't need a compatibility mode at all, I'm not sure what problems others were having. I DID need to run something to get my third party xbox wannabe controller recognized but it was something I'm used to and hardly an issue.

    The subtitles are fantastic, (I love subtitles in games, as I struggle to hear things sometimes) the game runs amazingly. I'll be telling people this is how I managed to play my pc copy finally.

    Thank you so much!


  9. Thank you.
    I was tired of waiting Blood Omnicide to finish its development (which will certainly take years) in order to play it another time, at first I was plaining to play the PS1 version because I remembered the PC version is a bit tricky to set up and to be honest I didn't have the courage to go through the struggle.
    Then I came across this page yearsterday by pure chance. I decided to give it a go.
    And it just works great for me. I usually encounter tons of issues with mods and patchs like this in other games but suprisingly, not this time. And this pack works with my language (french) on top of that!
    What could I ask more?

    Thant you, thank you very much.

  10. WHOA! This is godlike! And with subtitles too!
    Are Russian subtitles fan-translated? If not (and even if they are), I would love to offer my own translation I made for my let's play of the game! I would be honored if it was a part of this magnificent patch!

    1. Oh wait, there are no Russian subs. Well then, all the more power to me, I guess :D

    2. Hi RT. As you are familiar with russian language, please follow to main discussion thread at:

      There, at the bottom of first post, inside spoiler you will find all furter instructions for creating subtitles.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Upd. Doesn't work for me (Win7 64, AMD RX 480). Gives me the same "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)" error message and no compatibility modes help.

    1. Should be fixed now. Please try again without any compatibility modes.

    2. Ага, теперь работает. Спасибо! Всё LoK-сообщество у вас в долгу!

  12. WHOAAA. amazing work Verok! I have copied over the files and set compatibility to win98 and it works without any issues! Thank you so much, no loading times and 60fps, finally this game fully playable.

  13. By the way, my offer of Russian subtitles still stands, even if it doesn't work for me. Or doesn't work yet, I'm trying different things.

  14. Checked. As I said early, I do not see the reason to do such big size of movies, because I did not see much more better quality of them in comparison with bink-movies, but the last one have the size of 277 MB vs 1.1 GB here. All russian localizations are garbage (may be excepting Golden Leon, though I prefer to play in the English version). Also - as I said early - dgVoodoo solves the problems with Compatibility Mode and using of Alt+Tab (and with game-speed too). But it does not add new bugs, as this gl-wrapper like message box with the error at the start of the game (I mean - after menu) if one unchecked the option "Smoother movies". Moreover, selecting fullsreen resolutions does not work on notebook with native resolution 1366x768 - the video become out of screen and really work only one option "By game" (i.e. the default setting if one just uses anything than this wrapper). There are no goods from the modes that can be chosen by F12 + by default (now) the game uses Zoom-In Mode (which can be chosen just optionally by F5). FPS is not stable and is changed in the long range 20-80 even at the default value = 50. Cursor on the menu can appear or disappear. And yes, PC-version of the game never had loading times and it was really "fully playable" from 2008 (from creating bink-patch for it). Now it is "fully playable" (as is) by 2 additional ways - using Peixoto-mods or just dgVoodoo. All 3 ways (gl-wrapper, Peixoto-mod and dgVoodoo) can't be used simultaneously.
    Only one new (useful for some people) thing in this product - subtitles, that's all.
    BTW: "Added configuration window on startup, similar to Soul Reaver" - this nonsense (config window on startup) is hided now after first succesfull run of SR1. SR2 (and BO2, Defiance) has hidden configuration window which can be called by command-line parameter -setup in the case of bugs or so on.

    1. Hi @wrace. Thank you for found bug ("Smoth movies" uncheck). FIxed now.

      Anyone can choose what he need. Someone will find CubanRaul's patch more convenient, someone dgVoodoo, someone will find mine GL Wrapper more interesting. Free choice, it's up to player.

    2. No problems. Thank you too for your patience. :)

  15. CubanRaul's patch is just the way to install the game from CD for ones who can't do this by himself (by setting Compatibility Mode with Win'98 for Splash.exe on CD) or who still installs BO1 from CD. In addition it contains Raistlin633's hacked version of kain.exe from The Lost Worlds (from ReadMe: "Here is a hack to make Blood Omen run in Windows 2000. The problem was that the game tried to access the video hardware directly, which of course is forbidden in Win 2k.
    Taking out the offending instruction seems to fix it though.") with some additional fixes. These ones:

    without the one below, of course, but it does not skip the last picture as your fix in config window

    468C6C (0x5906C): B4 -> C3 - fix for analogous problem with harware access for movies (start of them, "dripping logo") with the message box "An priveleged instruction was executed at address 00468C72."
    44CABE (0x3CEBE): { 88 FA mov dl, bh } -> { B3 00 mov bl, 00h } - fix for the glitch with gray screen after movies (this problem can be solved early by Alt+Tab).
    4293F4 (0x197F4): 53 -> C3 - for for crash on Credits.

    The above 2 instructions for that to have the same effect as the value
    ANYCARD #0x10
    in the file BADCARDS.TXT and to desactivate its creation and analyzing of registry values.
    ANYCARD #0x10 = 640x480 Hires Native - only one mode for F12, excepting all others bits (some of them were glitched early + it was possibility to remove all images for 320x240 resolution from pill.big):
    0x01=320x240 Native - OK
    0x02=320x240 Interlaced: {Interlaced=1} - FAIL
    0x04=320x240 Doubled: {Bilin=1} - FAIL
    0x08=320x240 Letter Boxed: {Window=1} - OK
    0x10=640x480 Hires Native: {Hires=1} - OK
    F5 (Zoom In) is working and with this fix (in gl-wrapper).

    skipping 3 logos and 1 picture:
    1. this instruction:
    42A6FD: 68 11 2B 00 00 push 2b11h
    is replaced by jump from 42A6FD to 42A7AC:
    42A6FD: E9 AA 00 00 00 jmp loc_0042a7ac (7AC = 6FD + 05 + AA)
    2. decrease time of displaying of the last picture (Malek, Vorador, Mortanius) in 2 times by replacing this:
    42A7D9: 3D 40 1A 00 00 cmp eax, 1a40h
    by this:
    42A7D9: 3D 20 0D 00 00 cmp eax, 0d20h

    nocd-patch: at first, there is support of command-line for kain.exe with parameters like these
    kain.exe #16 #36 #52 #22 #17
    1. First parameter - video-mode; values = 1-31 (=0x01-0x1F).
    2. Second parameter - ?; values = 36, 45, 46, 47, 49.
    3. Third parameter:
    (a) the value 52 (=0x34) allows to use video on HD, removing all checks by setting the value 0x01 in the address 5947E8.
    (b) the values 53-56 (=0x35-0x38) allows to use additional paths
    E:KAIN and D:KAIN (which is not working, of course)
    for the next paremeters (in parentheses - addresses of original paths):

    (a) we place at the address 5947E8 value 0x01 at the moment of its initializaton by replacing this:
    89 35 E8 47 59 00 mov dword ptr [5947e8], esi - {esi = 00h}
    by this:
    89 0D E8 47 59 00 mov dword ptr [5947e8], ecx - {ecx = 01h}
    (b) we disable analyzing of parameters of command line by jump from address 44E817 (0x3EC17) to address 44ED31 by construction:
    E9 15 05 00 00 jmp +515h

    I checked both version of kain.exe with gl-wrapper, both work. This means that this wrapper solves the bugs by itself.

    About dgVoodoo: on the notebook with the native resolution 1366x768 I have video-picture on full screen. In gl-wrapper even with the only working setting "By game" and with checked/unchecked option "Keep aspect ratio" I have video-picture with black borders at the left and right (starting menu).

    1. oops. These ones:
      [PatchPack title="WinXP-Fix + nocd-patch"]
      [File title="kain.exe" name="KAIN.exe" size="842240"]
      [Patch title="Play without bugs"]
      [Change offset="0x5906C" from="B4" to="C3"]
      [Change offset="0x3CEBE" from="88" to="B3"]
      [Change offset="0x3CEBF" from="FA" to="00"]
      [Change offset="0x197F4" from="53" to="C3"]
      [Change offset="0x3EAB2" from="1B" to="10"]
      [Change offset="0x3F2C8" from="53" to="C3"]
      [Patch title="nocd-patch"]
      [Change offset="0x3EAF9" from="35" to="0D"]
      [Change offset="0x3EC17" from="68" to="E9"]
      [Change offset="0x3EC18" from="FF" to="15"]
      [Change offset="0x3EC19" from="00" to="05"]
      without the one below, of course, but it does not skip the last picture as your fix in config window
      [Patch title="remove logos"]
      [Change offset="0x1AAFD" from="68" to="E9"]
      [Change offset="0x1AAFE" from="11" to="AA"]
      [Change offset="0x1AAFF" from="2B" to="00"]
      [Change offset="0x1ABDA" from="40" to="20"]
      [Change offset="0x1ABDB" from="1A" to="0D"]

  16. Just for information. Peixoto's patch.

    As I understand, this is not pure (C-)code, it uses AutoHotkey.dll and it is something like mod for this "utility". It allows to use original game distributive (i.e. with original jam- and vag-files), but requires CubanRaul's patch.

    In the first version, it has such ini-file:

    in the second such:

    l|Fixes the FMVs b|color bug|b on windows 7 and vista
    l|Fixes the artifacts in the mouse cursor
    l|Forces DirectDraw to upscale the game. This produces a visual closer to a CTR monitor, more pixelated but less blurry

    Initially, for controller there were 2 additional hotkeys, which allowed to activate 2 existing in the game codes (refill HP and MP) by one key (on joypad).

    kain.ahk contains this:

    AltIDirectDraw_SetDisplayMode(p1, p2, p3, p4)
    r := IDirectDraw_SetDisplayMode(p1, p2, p3, p4)
    (p4=8) ? _rect_setscale(g_.cfg.FMVScale) : _rect_setscale()
    return r

    Alt_CreateSurface(pIDirectDraw, pSurfaceDesc, ppSurface, pIUnknown)
    g_.DDSDesc[] := pSurfaceDesc
    if (r := __IDirectDraw_CreateSurface(pIDirectDraw, pSurfaceDesc, ppSurface, pIUnknown, A_eventinfo))
    return r
    if (g_.cfg.NoScan and g_.proxies.32bit and (g_.DDSDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps & DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE))
    g_.proxies.D3D := new D3D2Device(640<<16|480)
    (g_.proxies.32bit := new SurrogateSurface("X8RGB",,True)).GetHandle(g_.proxies.D3D.Device2)
    g_.proxies.shader := d3D9_DDI_CreatePixelShader(g_d3D9_DDI.shader_code, "LineDoubling")
    rect.left := 0, rect.top := 0, rect.right := 640, rect.bottom := 480
    return r

    Alt_SetEntries(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5)
    if not g_.cfg.NoScan
    return IDirectDrawPalette_SetEntries(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5)
    dllcall("RtlMoveMemory", ptr, g_.palette+(p3)*4, ptr, p5, int, (p4)*4)
    return 0

    Alt_Unlock(p1, p2)
    if (g_.cfg.NoScan and g_.proxies.32bit and (GetSurfaceCaps(p1) & DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE))
    r := dllcall(IDirectDrawSurface.Unlock, uint, g_.proxies.prim.surface, uint, p2)
    DEVICE2_RECT.Text := g_.proxies.32bit.Handle
    DEVICE2_RECT.Device2 := g_.proxies.D3D.Device2
    dllcall(g_.Dev2_DrawRect, uint, DEVICE2_RECT[], uint, rect[], float, 0, uint)
    dllcall(IDirectDrawSurface.blt, uint, g_.primary, uint, _rect[]
    , uint, g_.proxies.D3D.surface, uint, 0
    , uint, DDBLTFAST_NOCOLORKEY | DDBLT_WAIT, uint, 0, uint)

    return Surface2Unlock(p1, p2)

    1. About codes and trainers - on the Lost Worlds there are open sources for the trainer for BO1 which can be also used for creating the appropriate achievements based on collecting items (by checking the appropriate addresses in the game which can be easily found in the sources) if you have in plans to share your product for gog.com in the case of releasing of updated for the newest OS version of BO1 on gog / Steam. For example, Steam API is very simple and it is not problem to add achievements for such game as BO1 (with many collectible items, statuses and so on; + even with pictures for achievements - I mean ones for spells / weapons / armors / items and so on).

      I provided early the trainer with such features and code:

      1: Fill Up Blood (existing in-game code)
      2: Fill Up Magic (existing in-game code)
      3: Active Object does not spent, On/Off
      4,5: Change Weapon (down/up)
      6: Reset non-active objects to 90
      7,8: Auto-recover energy, On/Off (Soul Reaver)
      9: Boost On/Off (acceleration of game speed)
      0: Walk Through Walls, On/Off
      (the last option also gives access to Developer Room with access to all maps + access to secrete passage with ships that was discovered by the chief of Blood Omnicide team - Vortex)

      Z: Wolf Form
      X: Mist Form
      C: Disguise

      F8: Have Flame Sword and Chaos Armor
      F9: Have Control Mind (nice feature from the start of game)
      F10: Save Game (at any place)

      link on txt-file with the code (sooner assembler than C):
      some of these features are existed in the trainer for BO1 on The Lost Worlds (C-code), some of them are unique (like Boost).

      BTW: for example, Square Enix added on Steam the game Final Fantasy 8 with achievements, accomodation with Steam Cloud and even with included trainer (exactly, with the additional set of hotkeys for some boosters).

  17. Thanks for the info.

    In regards black lines with "By game". By game - it means that game runs in native 320x240 / 640x480. In such case wrapper doesn't control aspect ratio, as it is the same as native - 4:3. This mean you need check driver options for your GPU to remove those black lines.

    1. Such question: is it possible to use the video or subtitles engines of gl-wrapper to display inside the game additional pictures or just text by pressing some hotkey for that to have inside the game (say, in fullscreen, without using Alt+Tab) access either to the map with designated secrets or to parts of it or just to see hints (text; perhaps, depending on the current location)? For example, for SR1 I added map which can be viewed at any time of the game using the same functional that is used to show bink-movies inside it.

      Map can be viewed here:
      (it is russian chm-file with information for all LOK-games, though slightly outdated, but the map I talked about can be viewed by clicking on the image of BO1, then - clicking by the text "Map of Nosgoth".)

    2. No. It doesn't have. It just wraps DDraw graphic to OpenGL, adds extra fixes and features listed above.
      To be clear, I do not plan continue with it, as I already made all what I wanted. And now, I'm just fixing small my and game bugs, similar as you found above.

    3. One more thing: can you write to Ben Linkoln (owner of the site The Lost Worlds) about your product for that he can update his article:
      ? (Moreover, now there is no nosgothica.org he linked + your product is better solution for BO1.) You can either find him on the official SE-forum (he is known as blincoln there) or write him on his e-mail which can be found on his site (be aware about using mail.ru or yandex.ru, because his e-mail provider has filters against them). Thanks.

  18. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Ew0GlU77T_layAwLBJrr4iToONDPfcZ - Russian subtitles, fully translated by me. If you're going to use them (I so hope you do), please credit me as Allard, which is my current username.
    I can't thank you enough for the outstanding work you did, and especially with these subtitles. They are amazingly easy to do.

    By the way, the voice files in-game seem to cut off half a second too early.

    I'm going to redo the interface assets now, if I send the BMPs to you, will you pack them and add them to the game?

    1. Excellent work. Thank you. I credited you, and hope I haven't missed with your link :))

      In regards interface translation. Yes, sure. Just send me edited BMP files when you finish, and I'll re-pack them into relative format.
      Also, you can contact me by verokster(at)gmail.com

      P.S. Original BMP you can find in the same package with english sources

    2. Yeah, I found them and got to work, finished one-third of them so far. Will send them directly to your email then along with a newer subtitle file (will have a few timing adjustments and a small mistake fixed).

  19. More bugs:
    1) my trainer is not working with this version of game, though there are no problems with bink-patch and dgVoodoo;
    2) after running the game in FullScreen with gl-wrapper, the hidden icons in the tray will become broken and resorted; again, there are no such problems with bink-patch and dgVoodoo; moreover, after running the game with the last ones, icons will be restored. With Windowed Mode, of course, there are no such problem.

    1. It's not a bugs.

      1-> I can't make game playebale for all possible trainers, as trainers are not a part of the game.Trainers are external modules, they watch and change neccesary application values in virtual memory at game runtime.

      In your case, I think, your trainer tries find game window by its text/title (not so good for trainer). And problem occures, because game window has different title now. I thought and decided that it was a bad idea, so I rolled back original title.
      I think your trainer should work now

      - Game and wrapper don't handle Windows tray, they don't know anything about about tray icons. Looks like it's video device driver bug (OpenGL driver bug) and windows forgets refresh shell part after OpenGL exclusive mode.
      I suggest you check Windows Update and also check for new OpenGL driver for your video card. Also, you can download Mesa3D x86 driver (OpenGL software renderer) and test game together with it.

    2. Thanks. Now trainer is working again (it was created in 2007 and was slightly updated in 2010 by new features, so it is working without any problems during 10+ years), though now (with gl-wrapper) the option Boost (acceleration of the game speed, nice feature) is not working (though, as expected, because - as I understand - it just changes the game feature like FPS, which is hardly limited now).
      About "video device driver bug" - I checked again. I have the same thing and with dgVoodoo too (which uses DX11). Also I tried to run the game without any wrappers - hm, it is working (without any problems and without Compatibility Modes; on Win-10 x64; with default video-card Intel HD), though with the black-borders for menu as in the case of gl-wrapper (i.e. it is dgVoodoo who made game-picture on full screen for widescreen-monitors, though it seems that picture is becoming slightly badly).
      About this:
      "Arrows keys are duplicated on WSAD keys"
      cool feature at all, but do you know that using Numpad Keyboard, gamer can move hero in 4 additional (diagonal) directions, and using the keys +/- can list all spells/artefacts?

      And finally: is it problem for you to create additional package for download with only such features - "Patch + Languages (interfaces & subs) + voices (English only)"? I.e. only these files:
      (without jam-files and additional voices)

    3. Just to show what am I talking about:
      This is the minimal version of BO1 for tests (just replace fake pill.big by true file):
      1) Blood Omen.exe - trainer (english version);
      2) kain.exe - patched version (I gave info above);
      3) D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll - parts of dgVoodoo;
      4) dgVoodoo.conf - dgVoodoo already configured;
      5) SAVED - saves:
      FI01.sav - First save point + spell "Control Mind"
      FI02.sav - Malek's Bastion
      FI03.sav - Uschtenheim
      FI05.sav - William's Stronghold

  20. Replies
    1. It works with the DDraw.dll that comes with DGVooDoo but not the one that came with your mod.

    2. Got the DDRAW.DLL file from your GitHub and it works fine now. :D

    3. Can you share the GitHub link for the DDRAW.DLL? I'm having the same problem

    4. It can be downloaded here https://github.com/Verokster/KainGL/tree/master/builds

    5. I've made some changes last time for single core CPUs, and maybe missed something. Download new version please (just only patch KainGL_1.43.7z), and try if it's working for you

  21. Sent the Russian interface files to your email along with some slight tweaks to the subtitles.

  22. Thank you so much for this patch Verok! You've made one of my favorite video games run properly on modern versions of Windows with this patch. I have a question to ask. Do you think that you can include my HQ Sound Patch in the installer for your patch? It replaces lower quality sound files in the Windows version with files from the PlayStation release. Also, the latest version of your patch doesn't seem to be working properly when other versions were before.

    1. To be specific, the game will not run with the latest version of the patch installed.

    2. HI. I didn't included these files by myselve, but I think one guy from forum.old-game.ru made it. But only for english voices files, with reverb effects and etc.
      You can extract and check VOICES.ENG file and compare differences with your HQ Sound Patch. VOICES.ENG it's regular *.BIG file just with different *.ENG extension.
      I didn't include music files, as it's almost idential with PC version, and I didn't find any noticable differences between two versions

    3. Id be very interested to see where this goes

  23. Hi, this is a great patch, finally being able to enjoy the game as it was intended on pc with the correct speed while walking, in the menus and viewing the map... BUT I have a problem that quite breaks the game for me :/... If in the area there are any chained prisoners their wailing can be heard from much more distance than it should have really been possible, i.e. in the sanctuary of the light spell (but it happens everywhere in the game, as long as there are chained prisoners) in the save room their wailing overlaps constantly, in a cacophony of ''help me kind sir!'' lol, that ruins the atmosphere... Is it normal with your patch? Because with cubanraul's patch it didn't happen (but it had the ultra speed bug in the menus and the maps and the slow walking). Is there something you can do to solve it?? Any answer is appreciated :)

    1. If "3D Sound" option is available for you and it is checked - uncheck it please. This option transfer sound and play them via OpenAL API. And if "3D Sound"is unchecked - game will play sounds (as originaly) via old DirectSound2D.

      For 3D sound I increased sound distance for prisoners, but also problem might be that realization of OpenAL HRTF is not so good for your hardware (or software). I designed "3D Sound" via OpenAL for native Creative SoundBlaster cards. So for other cards there might be problems.

      If you still want have ingame 3D Sound, you can also check it with "OpenAL Soft - Software 3D Audio". It's good 3D Sound software renderer (not hardware)

  24. 3D Sound is greyed out, so I should be using the old sound plugin by default... then what could be causing the bug?

    1. Thx for your answers. Yes I found one my bug relative to max distance. I fixed it and hope it is your case.

      Download "patch only" archive (KainGL_1.44.7z) and check, and please, let me know if it's helped

  25. Thanks for your support. With the new DDraw.ddl I get this error, which I didn't get with the one in your installer (KainGL 1.43)
    SetPixelFormat failed
    File d:\work\kaingl\kaingl\opendraw.cpp LINE 588

    1. Hm. Are you sure you have previosly used v1.43? Because 1.44 different from 1.43 only by one line of code, and this line is only depend on audio, but not graphics.
      Please mail me by verokster(at)gmail.com, so I can provide you old versions to check

    2. Yes. Infact I tried again with v1.43 which I downloaded from your github and it was working again, but with the sound glitch.

    3. P.S. I mailed you a screenshot with the error

  26. Hi Verok, thanks for your hard work getting one of my favourite games running on modern machines! All the little tweaks and improvements really make this the definitive version of Blood Omen.

    Is there any way (e.g. a command line option) to launch the game without the settings window popping up? I've got it configured to my liking now so don't need to tweak anything further, and I like to play via my Steam Link so being able to launch the game with a single button press would be perfect for me.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. По какой-то причине не работает, намертво виснет в процессах и больше ничего не происходит. В чём может быть проблема?

    1. Пока что выложил выше ссылку на старую версию 1.40. Также игру с этой версией лучше запускать выбрав в окне настроек версию OpenGL 1.1 или 3.0 вручную, тоесть избегать настройки "Auto"

  29. Y las texturas de juego en hd las vas a hacer

  30. And the textures of the game in HD are going to be done.

  31. How can you put it in Spanish? I do not get it in Spanish

    1. - download and extract patch full package (1.56 GB)
      - insert game CD into CD drive. Install package with game.
      - launch KAIN.EXE
      - select "Voice" and "Interface" language at the right side of startup configuration window

      If you want install spanish translation version without this patch - go to tranlation website http://bloodomen.legacyofkain.es/

    2. Please check this screenshot

  32. wow... i tried to read the comments to find my answer... and i think i might have run across it. It almost ceetainly has to do with the vulkan driver.

    i read about "black lines." im using a gtx 1030 card.

    all resolution settings and desktop settings present the game in full screen with a large portion of the game rendered invisible as the image is shifted to the right and down. Always presented identically regardless of which full screen setting is used. It looks as though the image is being cropped with the areas above and to the left using no image feed. This is consistent in all modes of the game, cutscene and gameplay.

    do you have any idea what I need to do?

    In windowed mode and again regardless of setting my image looks to be 480 by 640 whoch is more than adequate.

    1. Game renders via OpenGL, not Vulkan. And looks like problem is in high DPI and nVidia OpenGL driver.

      What I can sugest you here it's:
      - trying to disable DPI scaling for your display
      - check for new video drivers for your card

      You may also download Mesa3D Software OpenGL driver for WIndows OS.
      You'll find it here at https://github.com/pal1000/mesa-dist-win
      ( direct link: https://github.com/pal1000/mesa-dist-win/releases/download/18.3.0/mesa-18.3.0-release-sfx.exe )

      Extract this SFX archive. Find sub-folder "x86" and copy its content into game root. After that you will see rendering driver like LLVM 7.0

    2. That worked like a charm thank you!

      I am looking to do something similar with Midway/Williams release of Mortal Kombat Trilogy for PC as well to eliminate the CD checks and potentially change the audio tracka (the latter should be fine considering they use the same lazy repeat loops but downsampled from 48khz to 44.1khz signal audio without realizing it changed pitch and length of track.)

      ...How involved is it to remove the CD check?


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