Need For Speed II - Second Edition Patch (unfinished)

Need For Speed II is my first ever played racing game on the PC. I remember this time, that I and my school friend came to his home after school and we played whole evening this game in Split screen mode. A few years later I found out that Second Edition game has 3D acceleration support for Voodoo Graphics cards, and I could play it via Glide emulation with pure performance. So I decided that once I'll made direct OpenGL or DirectX support for this game.

So here is my old patch, which enables game to support external 3rash API renderers from newer EA games, like NFS III,IV or V. It is not completely finished yet, but despite that this patch is most playable than any others over the net.

This patch was created in the same manner as other great Need For Speed III - Modern Patch from belarusian guy VEG. Patch includes several patched EA Thrash (3rash) renderers for DirectX and Glide (nGlide). Also it includes my own created OpenGL 1.1/3.0 renderer.
This patch also includes configuration utility to customize patch options, like selecting graphic renderer, switching windowed mode on/off and etc.

Some features and fixes lited below. And also some of the problems which are still need to fix.

Features & Fixes:

  • patch is based on last official EA patch
  • CD check has been removed
  • removed all registry linkage, so game is fully portable now
  • added option to select several external 3rash API renderers (DirectX, Glide and OpenGL)
  • added option to select game Language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Swedish)
  • sound problem (cracking) has been fixed. New eacsnd.dll has been created from scratch
  • several compability problems have been fixed (MapMemoryB000, GlobalMemoryStatusLie, GetDiskFreeSpace and etc.)
  • game renders in 32 bpp mode
  • game supports numerious screen resolutions than before (640x480)
  • game supports widescreen resolutions (16:9, 16:10, etc)
  • implemented proper widescreen support with correct FOV
  • game uses higher texture detail for cars than before
  • added option to select texture type between SE (Glide) and Classic. Due to Gldie limitation, texture resolution was reduced to max 256x256 and 16 bpp. Classic / Software textures have higher resolution, but with limited 256 colors.
  • added option to on/off filtering for all textures
  • added option to on/off object shading. Disabled looks more like in Classic / Software mode
  • added option to on/off fog
  • added option do disable intro movies

Problems & Issues:

  • sometimes objects (cars, world) dissapear at the left and right side of the screen.
  • car dashboards are still not implemented for 3D acceleration
  • wheel fog sprites have incorrect size due to higher screen resolution

Thrash (3rash) renderers:

  • dgvoodoo - Thrash API v104 renderer for dgVoodoo 2 Glide wrapper - patched by VEG
  • dx5 - Thrash API v104 renderer for DirectX 5 (no fog) - patched by VEG
  • dx6 - Thrash API v105 renderer for DirectX 6 - patched by VEG
  • dx7 - Thrash API v107 renderer for DirectX 7 - patched by VEG
  • dx7 - Thrash API v115 renderer for DirectX 8 - patched by VEG
  • glide3x - Thrash API v107 renderer for Glide 3
  • nglide - Thrash API v104 renderer for nGlide v1.05 Glide wrapper - patched by VEG
  • opengl1 - Thrash API v107 renderer for OpenGL 1.1 - developed by Verok
  • opengl3 - Thrash API v107 renderer for OpenGL 3.0 - developed by Verok


  • download package below
  • extract its content (by using "NFS" password) into your game root by replacing
  • old files
  • launch config.exe to make sure all options are correct for you, and press "Save" button
  • launch game via nfs2se.exe or via config.exe by pressing "Save and launch" button
  • have fund ;)
  • Downloads:

    Other classic NFS patches:

    Unleashed Patch by Verok

    Examples & Comparisosns:

    Configuration utility
    • Patch options
    • OpenGL renderer options
    Second Edition and Classic textures (comparison)
    • Second Edition textures
    • Classic textures
    Other screenshots


    1. The patch link is giving a 404 not found error, any chance of a reupload of the patch?

      1. Thanks for the info. Updated. Try it again

    2. Hi.

      Similar problem with OpenGL like in NFS5 patch when selecting any resolution besides default and desktop

      Could you add dashboards and night driving like in software version? Is it possible to increase draw distance? You also need need to replace nGlide with newer 2.10 version.

    3. Is there anything that can be done with the speedometer? It looks as if it was stitched together from several parts. It's also visible on your screenshots.

      1. This happening because game was designed for 320x240 and 640x480. And on higher resolution this glitches are visible. This is bad texture clamping. Need check game files to change texture clamping methods.

    4. Am I supposed to use nGLide or OpenGL 1? Anyways thank you for your efforts!

    5. hi i download this game but i didnt find inner view by pressing C button kindly explain me

      1. if you have solution then mail me on plz reply as soon possible

    6. Thank you so much it worked for Windows10

    7. Windows Defender Antivirus tells me there's a Trojan in config.exe

    8. Very nice. It works very well. Here are some few ideas:

      -16:9 and 16:10 work very well. But the skybox in 21:9 doesn't stretch to whole screen and looks weird. I wonder if it's possible to stretch the skybox in that case to fit it in [But should not stretch for 16:9 since it works fine there by default].

      -Menu framerate seems to be uncapped. But framerate during gameplay is locked to 64 -65 FPS even though pausing the game uncaps the framerate again.

      I wonder if its possible to uncap the framerate without breaking the physics.

      Or if its possible to get rid of the stutter when playing at 60Hz with vsync on locked ot 60 fps. I did try creating a custom res with a refresh rate of 64Hz to see if the stutters go away at that refresh rate but unfortunately it didn't. The game still suffers from slight hitching.

      With that being said, it's a great patch. Everything works well now.

    9. Hi

      You plan soon a new Version like 1.06 in Future ?

      You can add a Classic Software Driver , which bring back the Dashboards , and allow Wide/Ultrawide Resoulutions ?

      1. Hi, I plan, but not in the near future. oftware mode was introduced as independent 3rash driver in NFS3. In NFS 2SE it's different executable, with different logic. Don't know how hard it will be

    10. Trojan detected, don't download this shit.

    11. Game works and when race starts the screen freezed.

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    13. So in regards to AV hits on the config file, is the source from up to date? Over 30 hits for a simple configurator app is more than concerning even if it doesn't do anything malicious, and so if this source is up to date then technically self-compiled binaries should also be flagged.

      Regarding the thrash drivers, I guess the most up to date sources are here?

      1. Good to hear that! I'm looking forward to trying the patch with both NFS2 but NFS5 but that config app bothers me a lot.

        One thing I noticed straight away is that you bundle e.g. 7z.exe in the repository. If it ends up being embedded in the configurator app as a resource and e.g. unpacked to a temporary directory (I have not studied the sources yet), then this might be one of the reasons so many AVs are bothered by that executable.

      2. I was able to get it down to just 6 detections by only compiling the configurator with Visual Studio 2010, is there any particular reason you stick to v60?

        I'm sure it can be bumped down even lower, since the code seems to be doing plenty of things "backwards" (e.g. merging .text and .rdata and randomly importing some dependencies dynamically), but I assume you stuck with an ancient compiler due to legacy OS support.

    14. Hi, should this work in Windows 98? Cannot get it to work.

    15. Muito obrigado por proporcionar essa atualização para que seja possível rodar de uma forma mais estável em sistemas modernos, esse é um dos meus top 10. Grande jogo!


      Thank you very much for providing this update so that it is possible to run more stable on modern systems, this is one of my top 10. Great game!

    16. Replies
      1. Patch based on 3DFx version, which doesn't have cockpit view. Maybe in the future I'll add it, but for now development of this patch is frozen

      2. Oh I see...Anyways the default view is the perfect one...Thank you so much for developing this patch...Whatevr high end games we play nfs 2 se will always be the favourite...and you just made it in HD version....

        But you can add some instructions for installation from download nfs 2 se iso then download 64 bit installer and then your steps, so that the newbie like me can be helped...i had a hard time to get this worked in my pc...

    17. The file was infested with trojan does anyone know what's going on?

      1. The file is fine...You guys need to know that some genuine files like this patch, crack, game trainers coding will trigger the antivirus thinking its a virus but its actually fine...its a false positive case..

    18. So apparently, your config.exe file is riddled with Trojan and Heuristic viruses and I can't use it. You don't happen to have a replacement file that isn't so infested, do you?

      1. False positive, very common in this type of files.
        This patch is safe.